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Hero's Duty Game


Developed By: Admin

Category: arcade, boy

Tags: Lock and load! Join the fight to save humanity from the Cy-Bug invasion.

Played: 70399


Hero's Duty is one of the games Wreck-It Ralph enters in order to prove that he is more than a "bad guy." In this first-person shooter game, Ralph helps Sergeant Calhoun battle against "Cy-Bugs," the game's alien invaders. The "NPC's" (non-player characters) of the game, such as the characters being saved in Fix-It Felix, Jr., help alongside the Player to help them get to the top of the tower, where they are to defeat a large group of Cy-Bug larvae to which they, in return, earn a gold medal with the word "Hero" carved in. This is the first game Ralph visits on his quest to being a good guy, with the second being Sugar Rush. The player character is a robot with one of the soldiers' arms and sports a TV monitor showing the gamer's face (in that case, the Moppet Girl's) for a head. This is so that the player feels more like their in the area and allows for easier interaction between the player and Sergeant Calhoun.
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